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Real Stories
Tito "My family means more to me than a pack of cigarettes. That’s why I quit."
Kendyl "Use the patch. Chew the gum. Just don’t stop trying."
Debby "The patch worked for me."
Steve "I went to a cessation class. Peer group support was my success."
Liz "With a good support system, if you fail, they will help you get up again."
Clare "My friends support made all the difference."
Heidi "Now that I have quit, I am healthier and I have lost weight. "
Bonnie "When I quit smoking, my daughter's ashma went away."
Representative Brian Ashe "It was one of the best things I did for myself."

Media campaigns

MTCP tailors messages to reach Massachusetts residents who suffer a disproportionate burden from tobacco use. Through market segmentation based on demographic and health risk factor data, MTCP determines the best audience for each campaign message. Focus group testing and a thorough review of the existing literature help form and refine the message.

The current Ex-Smoker Stories campaign is focused on increasing the number of people who quit smoking in the Fall River/New Bedford area of Massachusetts. The smoking rate in the state’s Southcoast region is approximately one and a half times the statewide average of 15%. The Ex-Smoker Stories campaign features two ex-smokers who live and work in the Southcoast area and are sharing their stories about quitting, encouraging all smokers to talk to their doctor about medicine and counseling and to call the Massachusetts’ Smokers’ Helpline to help them quit. This campaign will be expanded to radio and online ads throughout Massachusetts starting in June 2011.

Learn more about other recent MTCP media campaigns:

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