Cigar Packaging Regulation

The Cigar Packaging Regulation requires single cigars to be sold for at least $2.50 and multi-packs of 2 or more cigars for at least $5.00. Absent regulation, these products are sold at a very low cost, in colorful packaging, and in a variety of candy and fruit flavorings. They are often displayed right next to candy at the checkout counter of corner stores and other retailers youth frequent.

This regulation protects youth from the harmful tactics tobacco companies use to hook young people on tobacco. Studies show that youth and young adults’ smoking behavior and tobacco use is particularly sensitive to price. The lower the price, the more likely youth are to purchase cigars and other tobacco products.1

The availability of cheap, sweet cigars has helped fuel an increase in cigar sales nationwide even while cigarette sales have declined.  Between 2000 and 2013, cigar consumption increased by 114 percent, while cigarette consumption declined by 37 percent.2

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