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Real Stories
Tito "My family means more to me than a pack of cigarettes. That’s why I quit."
Mary "The cigarettes aren’t controlling me anymore. "
Michael "Don't give up giving up cigarettes."
Bobbie "Focus on the positive; take it a day or even a minute at a time."
Clare "My friends support made all the difference."
Heidi "Now that I have quit, I am healthier and I have lost weight. "
Mike "Smoking had a big effect on my son. I didn't want to disappoint him."
Bonnie "When I quit smoking, my daughter's ashma went away."
Representative Brian Ashe "It was one of the best things I did for myself."

Ex-Smokers' Hall of Fame

Representative Cory Atkins

At the age of 14, Representative Atkins began smoking socially. Her casual habit eventually became a three pack per day...
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Representative Brian Ashe

Brian began smoking in high school as a social thing and it eventually became a habit. He tried quitting many times, but it was...
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Ed started smoking when he was 12 years old and smoked for 18 years. By the time he was a young adult, he was a pack a day...
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Mike first tried to quit in 1994 because he had a heart attack, but only 8 weeks later Mike began to smoke again. He was more...
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Anika started smoking at age 15 and smoked for 20 years before she decided to quit. She thought about quitting many times but...
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George was a smoker for 40 years and he began smoking when he would sneak cigarettes from his dad. Over the years, he quit...
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Jim started smoking at age 12 and when he was a young adult he would smoke at least 1.5 packs/day. Both of Jim's parents died...
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Betty had tried to quit many times. When she hit her 40s, she decided she needed to get healthier and started to think about...
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Robert was tired of being a smoker. He’d quit several times, but kept going back. To finally quit for good, he got the patch...
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Ronaldo got throat cancer at age 39 from smoking. He has a permanent tracheotomy, and now he sees the otolaryngologist every 12...
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Debby had been thinking about quitting when a free quit-smoking program was offered at work. She used the nicotine patch and...
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Tito didn’t realize he was addicted until he tried to quit for the third time. After a friend was diagnosed with cancer, and...
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Dr. Miller

Dr. Richard Miller, a thoracic surgeon at Southcoast Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery, sees a large number of patients with lung...
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Kathleen had smoked for almost 30 years when she quit. She used the nicotine patch to help and walked three times a week to...
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Katrina was diagnosed with COPD and finally believed that smoking could end her life. She says it wasn’t enough to quit for...
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Jessica began to smoke at age 13 and became a heavy smoker once she was able to pay for her own cigarettes. She found it hard...
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As the former Mayor of Northampton, Clare is a both a positive and public role model for others to quit. Clare was sick and...
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Steve is a cardiovascular technologist and an ex-smoker. He got help to quit through a quit-smoking program. He says “You...
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Kendyl started smoking when she was nine years old and ended up suffering with asthma. She says after 33 years of smoking,...
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Corinne admits quitting was hard, but got through it with advice from others. She learned from personal experiences of others...
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