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Real Stories
Kendyl "Use the patch. Chew the gum. Just don’t stop trying."
Ida "I made a plan this time."
Dr. Miller "Quitting smoking is the single biggest thing a patient can do to improve their quality of life."
Steve "I went to a cessation class. Peer group support was my success."
Katrina "With the patch, I didn’t have to quit smoking alone."
Liz "With a good support system, if you fail, they will help you get up again."
Heidi "Now that I have quit, I am healthier and I have lost weight. "
Jessica "I was a follower, now I am a leader."
George "My counselor Trish, from the Quitline is a big reason for my success"

Family and friends

Your smoking affects the people you care about. When you quit smoking, you will increase your chances of living longer and have more energy to do things with your family and friends.

Your family and friends will be glad you quit. Listen to Tito’s story about the reasons that made him quit.

Quitting can also make your family and friends healthier. Secondhand smoke from your lit cigarette can hurt your children and the people around you. When you quit, you won’t be exposing the people you care about to the dangers of secondhand smoke.

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