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Real Stories
Ida "I made a plan this time."
Betty "Cigarettes aren’t controlling me anymore."
Robin "I couldn’t walk 2 feet without being out of breath."
Debby "The patch worked for me."
Mary "The cigarettes aren’t controlling me anymore. "
Clare "My friends support made all the difference."
Jessica "I was a follower, now I am a leader."
Anika "I promised my dad on his deathbed that I would quit. It took me 13 years, but I did it. "
Representative Cory Atkins "Since quitting, my life is better in 1,000 ways."

Small changes

Little things can make quitting on your quit date easier. Start to change some of the things around you before your quit date, and you won’t be as worried about trying to change everything at once.

Cut down to get ready.

If you smoke more than 10 to12 cigarettes per day, you may find it helpful to cut down on the number you smoke in the weeks before your quit date. Remember, cutting down on cigarettes makes it easier to quit, but it’s not a proven way to quit by itself. Cut down as a way to get ready to quit.

Make your world smoke-free.

Begin to make small changes to make your world smoke-free in the week or two before your quit date.

  • Remove cigarettes from your home, car, purse or bags.
  • Avoid smoking in places where you spend a lot of time, like your home or car.
  • Make plans to go to places you enjoy that don’t allow smoking—restaurants, cafés, ballparks, movie theaters, etc.
  • Stock up on healthy snacks.
  • Write down your reasons for quitting and put your list where you’ll see it every day.
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