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Real Stories
Robert "I started using the gum. That worked for me."
Katrina "With the patch, I didn’t have to quit smoking alone."
Margaret "I’m tougher than cigarettes. "
Michael "Don't give up giving up cigarettes."
Hillary "Quitting smoking is the best thing I did for myself."
Clare "My friends support made all the difference."
Jessica "I was a follower, now I am a leader."
Mike "Smoking had a big effect on my son. I didn't want to disappoint him."
George "My counselor Trish, from the Quitline is a big reason for my success"


If you think now about what might make you want to smoke when you quit, you will be better able to resist. Stress, negative thoughts about not being able to quit, and being around other smokers are challenges to prepare for.


For many people, smoking is a way to deal with stress. When you quit, you need to find new ways to handle stress. Think about what makes you stressed out and talk to someone about how to change those things. Being active every day, getting enough sleep, taking time to relax, and talking to friends can help you reduce your stress. Start thinking about new ways to keep your stress down now, so you are less stressed out when you quit.

Negative thoughts

It’s normal to feel discouraged, but don’t give in to your doubts! You CAN quit smoking. Talk back to your negative thoughts with a positive response. Look at your Reasons for Quitting , remember the Four Ds , talk to a good friend, or call your doctor’s office or community health clinic to ask about a local quit-smoking support group. You can also call the Smokers’ Helpline for free phone counseling and support at 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669).

Being around other smokers

When people who smoke are part of your everyday life, you have an added challenge. Start talking to them now about your plan to quit. Think about how you will manage being with them so they won’t feel defensive or guilty and you won’t be tempted to smoke when you’re with them. While not every smoker will want to help you, some just might surprise you with their support!

Watch Debby’s story about handling challenges when she was quitting.

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