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Real Stories
Tito "My family means more to me than a pack of cigarettes. That’s why I quit."
Robert "I started using the gum. That worked for me."
Mary "The cigarettes aren’t controlling me anymore. "
Liz "With a good support system, if you fail, they will help you get up again."
Heidi "Now that I have quit, I am healthier and I have lost weight. "
Ed "Believe that you can do it."
George "My counselor Trish, from the Quitline is a big reason for my success"
Representative Cory Atkins "Since quitting, my life is better in 1,000 ways."
Representative Brian Ashe "It was one of the best things I did for myself."

For Landlords

Read the full text of a report on tenant demand

By making your properties smoke-free, you can:

  • save money by reducing the need for repairs
  • reduce potential legal liability
  • eliminate the leading cause of residential fires
  • reduce conflicts among tenants
  • eliminate exposure to a Class A carcinogen


How to make your properties smoke-free

No-smoking policies are largely self-enforcing. Once the rule is established, you are likely to attract tenants who want to live in a smoke-free environment. Use the no-smoking lease addendum provided here and having tenants sign when leases come up for renewal or when a new tenant moves in. Make sure to notify tenants of the lease change using the sample letter to residents.

To make implementing and enforcing your no-smoking rule easier:

  • post “no smoking” signs. Signs are available at
  • clean up cigarette butts and remove ashtrays
  • tell tenants why you have a no-smoking rule
  • have tenants tell their guests about the no-smoking rule
  • respond quickly and consistently to potential violations
  • tell tenants that they will be held financially responsible for violating the rule


Use the following tools to help:

Landlord's Guide (PDF)- complete guide for landlords wanting to make their buildings smoke-free

Letter to Residents (PDF)- sample letter notifying tentants of lease and rule changes

No-smoking in Common Areas Rule Change (PDF)- sample notice of rule change

No-smoking Lease Addendum (PDF)

For more information on the benefits of going smoke-free and how to make your building smoke-free, contact the Massachusetts Smoke-Free Housing Project at (877) 830-8795.

The Massachusetts Smoke-Free Housing Project is an initiative of the Public Health Advocacy Institute and is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

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