Smoke-Free Housing

Are you a landlord who has been thinking about implementing a no-smoking rule?

Are you member of a condo association where secondhand smoke is becoming an issue? Are you a tenant who has complained, or heard other tenants complain, about secondhand smoke in the building?

You are not alone. Secondhand smoke is becoming an issue for more and more landlords, tenants and condo owners. More and more properties are going completely smoke-free to deal with these issues. And it is entirely legal.

Just like prohibiting pets, landlords and condo associations can prohibit smoking. Smoke-free policies are not discriminatory. The policy only prohibits smoking in the building or on the property. It does not prohibit smokers from living in the building.

The Smoke-Free Housing Project provides free information and technical assistance to landlords and condo associations interested in implementing a smoke-free rule. For more information, contact the Massachusetts Smoke-Free Housing Project’s toll-free line at 877-830-8795. Tenants calling the number can receive additional information about their rights and can receive referrals to organizations that may be able to help.

Find out what you can do:

Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights has a good fact sheet for people living in multi-unit housing—The Smoker Next Door: Handling unwanted tobacco smoke in apartments and condominiums.

The Massachusetts Smoke-Free Housing Project is an initiative of the Public Health Advocacy Institute and is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.